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Jam Gumbo

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How would you like to do more than just play a basic rhythm to a song? What would you say if I could teach you how to add easy to play melodies, two part harmonies, bass runs, swing chords and some tasty lead guitar licks to any song? I can also teach you how to play all of these extra, wonderful things in either a jam session or to your own backing tracks! Using the song 'Your Cheating Heart' by Hank Williams, you'll learn how to do all of those things. Here's what you'll get: • 7 complete instructional videos that you can either stream or download. • 10 pages of notation combined with tablature. • 8 Backing Tracks • A video on how to create your own backing tracks. • Tips on proper jam etiquette. Plus, here's something no one else offers: practice videos where you'll be playing right along with me to various tempos where together, you'll master all of the above! BONUS: I'll also teach you how to play the Blues using 'Baby What You Want Me To Do' by Jimmy Reed! You'll learn how the pros use various shuffles, 9th chords and how to play a really tasty Blues solo. Here's what you'll get: • 5 more instructional videos • 3 more pages of notation with tablature. Yeah, and that's not all. You'll also receive exclusive YouTube and/or Email feedback on your progress! I guarantee that you will become a much more proficient guitar player by the end of this course! HERE'S A VIDEO SHOWING THESE LESSONS Level: 2 All of my lessons on this website can be accessed through my very affordable subscription plans. Just click 'Subscription Plans' in the menu above for more information.

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3 Plans Available, From $39.00


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