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Who I Endorse

Huss & Dalton Guitars
National Resophonic Guitars

This is my H&D MJC, my go to, main performance guitar. I've owned and played well over a few hundred instruments, but in my opinion H&D makes some of the finest guitars you'll find anywhere!

Here's my National Resophonic Tri-Cone, and again, my main performance guitar. There's a lot of imitators out there, some pretty good, but I feel the guitars made at National are the yardstick everyone measures by!

Rocky Mountain Slides

'Doc' Sigmer makes every one of these beauties by hand and customizes them to exactly the size YOU want. The feel of these slides are comfortable and the tone is terrific!!!
This particular one is the
Toby Walker Signature Model!

Elliot Capo

These are probably the finest made capos in the world. One would say the Rolls Royce of capos, as they are exquisitely made. Some of the biggest names in the Bluegrass world use these, and it's no wonder why.

D'Addario Strings

I've been using D'Addario strings for literally over 40 years now. Not once did they ever break on me, and I'm a hard player! I simply love the tone!!!

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