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New Website Features

It took us about a year to put this improved website together but here it is and below you'll see all the new features you can take advantage of. 

Lower Prices. 

The prices for the Lesson Packs used to be $29.95. Now they're only $24.95. Plus the yearly Premium Platinum subscription plan - which gives you access to EVERY lesson on the site and new ones to come has been lowered from $10.41 per month to only $8.25. 

Instant Delivery. 

Personal Lesson Library. 

You'll no longer have to wait for me to send you a link to your lesson via email. Now the second you make a purchase access to that lesson will be instantaneous!

Now every lesson you purchased in the past and the ones you purchase in the future will be added to your own Personal Library making much easier access! You'll find this under 'My Programs' in the drop down menu in your account icon in the upper right hand corner. 

Keeping Track Of Your Progress  

The website automatically keeps track of your progress as you work through the various parts of your lessons and brings you right back to the last place you left off!!

The Member's Forum. 

Here's a forum where you can post your own stories, pictures and videos. There's also a free, daily guitar lessons in there as well! 

Online Personal Lessons 

Would you like a personal, online lesson with Toby? Send me an email and I'll be happy to discuss this with you. 

Playing Levels

Every lesson lists various levels of playing ability which are explained here.

Coming Soon!  

We'll be adding a Loyalty Program to the website, meaning that you'll be accumulating points for every purchase you make. You'll be able to use those points for some nice rewards. 

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