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Image by Adi Goldstein

What Level Are You?

Level One

You're able to play your basic chords in the open position, switching easily between them and have knowledge of basic rhythmic strumming. Understanding tablature will be helpful.  

Level Two

Knowledge of Level One. In this level you'll learn how to play in the Travis style of fingerpicking an alternating bass combined with a melody on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd strings as well as hammer ons, pull offs and sliding. You'll learn songs commensurate with this skill level including thumb independent of the melodies. 

Level Three

Knowledge of Level Two. In this level we'll expand on Level Two by adding more advanced techniques and chord inversions along the fingerboard. The songs will now involve ways of learning how to be creative by adding numerous variations. Some songs will involve learning how to play single lines on top while playing the bass on the bottom. 

Level Four

A thorough knowledge of Level Three. Here you will learning songs at an advanced performance level including more ways of adding variety and sophisticated techniques.  Students should now have a repertoire of songs that they have mastered by using a solid right hand technique. With some lessons at this level students will utilize single note soloing on the top strings while adding a droning bass or alternating bass on on the lower three strings.   

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