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Robert Johnson and Beyond

In addition to learning these six songs I will teach you how to add a TON of additional licks and techniques which will improve your playing and give you the ability to turn any one of these songs into one of your own.

Here are the songs you'll learn and how to be creative with them:
• Drunken Hearted Man
• Stop Breaking Down
• Steady Rolling Man
• Hell Hound On My Trail
• They're Red Hot
• When You Got A Good Friend


Some of the techniques you'll learn:
• How to play tasteful triplet licks above a steady bass line.
• Crossnote tuning.
•Boogie woogie bass lines with a 7th chord.
• The "backwards triplet roll" - a cool way to use arpeggios.
• How to improvise.
• How to apply these licks to other songs.
• Cool chord substitutions.
• Right hand techniques such as a banjo "backward roll," the "Boom Chuck," and what I like to call "The Corkscrew."


Level 3 Experienced students should be very comfortable with their instruments and be bable to fingerpick an alternating bass with an independent melody on top.


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