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Blind Blake - Under The Hood

You don’t have to be an incredible finger picker in order to benefit from these lessons.

While Blind Blake was probably one of the most talented of all the guitarists of his time, I break down his playing into slow, step-by-step, bite-size chunks. I'll show you how all of it's done.

There are five songs in this series, each one with its own treasures just waiting to be uncovered.

You’ll learn: An in-depth analysis into the genius of Blake's style.

Blake's famous ‘double-thumb’ technique.
How Blake would get that ‘bounce’ into his playing.
Blake's use of triplets, to make even a slow song swing.
His moving bass lines.
Tons of Blake’s ‘hot licks.’
How Blake would add variations within his songs.
Some of Blake's hot solos!
How YOU can incorporate these ideas into your own playing.

Here are the songs you'll learn:
• West Coast Blues
• Cold Love Blues
• Early Morning Blues
• Righteous Blues
• One Time Blues"

Level 3 Experienced students should be able to play a number of chords, play a few tunes and be able to fingerpick an alternating bass with an independent melody on top.


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