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The D Pack

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Everything you need to become an expert in the key of D - 7 songs from Willie McTell, Robert Johnson, Tommy Johnson, Mississippi John Hurt, Blind Blake, and Toby Walker. "Statesboro Blues," "Big Road Blues," "Chump Man Blues," "Delia," "Stack O' Lee," "I Believe I'll Dust My Broom" and my own "Generosity Rag." Plus, the CAGED system. Moving bass lines, snapping strings, tons of hot licks, the ultimate "Blues Chord," and much more. As with my other lessons I will not only show you how to play the songs but will give you the tools you need to expand on them to create your own exciting versions. You will learn how to improvise, to create your own solos and furthermore, you WILL become a better player as you proceed through this course. HERE'S A VIDEO SHOWING THESE LESSONS: Levels: 3 All of my lessons on this website can be accessed through my very affordable subscription plans. Just click 'Subscription Plans' in the menu above for more information.

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