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Blues 101

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Just what you need to start building a foundation for improvising the blues and getting that down home sound. Have you ever wished you could fingerpick some very cool blues licks while keeping a low steady bass going at the same time? Then this series of lessons are for you. They were designed for those that have very little, if any fingerpicking experience but want to dive into the deep blues head first and come out sounding like a pickin' pro blues player.I'll teach you where the blues scale comes from and how it applies to the most widely used key for guitar players... the key of E. You'll not only know what you're doing but you'll know WHY it sounds so good. There's a little bit of theory in here but trust me, it won't hurt!You'll learn how to keep your thumb going on a steady bass as you improvise lead licks on the higher strings. This lesson is a must if you want to develop a good foundation for fingerpicking blues. From here... I can take you anywhere.Take a look at this video to get an idea of what the lessons look and sound like. Check out the video!! Level: Level 2 All of my lessons on this website can be accessed through my very affordable subscription plans. Just click 'Subscription Plans' in the menu above for more information.

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