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Slide Guitar Power

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SLIDE GUITAR POWER 01 - Open G Tuning. Folks have been asking me for quite some time to come out with another slide lesson so here it is! I'm pulling out all the stops with this one! Every note that you see in this video is completely broken down and taught at a slow and steady pace. You won't miss a thing. You'll learn how to use triplets effectively, damping techniques, single note runs, alternate chords, turnarounds, exciting vibrato licks and much more. BONUS LESSONS - You'll also learn songs from Son House, Robert Johnson and Muddy Waters AND I'll teach you how to apply the ideas from this piece into those songs.By the lesson's end you WILL have a thorough command of the slide guitar style with an arsenal of new licks and ideas that you can apply to many other songs. HERE'S A VIDEO DESCRIBING WHAT YOU'LL GET: Level 3. Knowledge of playing with a slide. All of my lessons on this website can be accessed through my very affordable subscription plans. Just click 'Subscription Plans' in the menu above for more information.

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