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Why play a song the same way over and over again? I'm going to teach you  how to add variations which will enable you
to be more creative and enhance your understanding of the fingerboard!!

Every lesson includes streaming, downloadable videos with tab PLUSYouTube and Email Support!!!

Master That Passage! 

Here's a technique I use when trying to master any tough passage on the guitar. 


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Photo by Larry Sribnick

These are the Theme Packs, each containing several songs. We also have individual song lessons!
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Individual Songs or Theme Packages

The Theme Packages above contain SEVERAL SONGS in one theme.

Individual Songs - $9.95
Theme Packages - $24.95

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$15 a Month

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Book of Chords


"Toby - I just want you to know that you taught this old dog quite a
few new tricks. I started with 'Oh Susannah' and built from there.
You’re a blessing to this old guitar player. You’ve opened up possibilities
for me that I’ve never imagined." - D.R.

“Keep up the good work! I've been playing this stuff for a long time, have a lot of different tapes but I have not found a better teacher. You are a cut above!!" - A.J.


Yes, I also give one-one, live, online lessons via Skype or Zoom. If you're interested give me a shout. 

Parallel Lines

Toby Walker has taught at Jorma Kaukonen's
Fur Peace Ranch for several years.

"Flat out... you have to hear this great musician... I'm blown away."- Jorma Kaukonen
Hot Tuna, Jefferson Airplane.

Toby Walker and Happy Traum during the taping of the
'Take A Solo' instructional DVD.

"Toby Walker is a fingerstyle guitar virtuoso, especially adept at blues, rags and hot country picking and he knows how to teach it as well."- Happy Traum
Founder of Homespun Music Instruction.


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